We Were Made For Love!

After spending a decade of my life in self destruction mode unintentionally looking for the love that would heal my deep self hatred... I bumped into whom I now so fondly call Love Himself!

As I look through the pictures of the last decade of my life (my 30's) I think to myself, "I was pretty, why did I despise myself the way I did?" 

"Why did I think I was so disgusting to men?"  "Why did I think that the men I liked would be scared of me because I was so grotesque?" "When did I start to hate men?"

"Where did this all come from?" 

Well, it started when I was young, I remember being tormented by the "thoughts in my head." I remember the skeleton like figure that would haunt me in the window of my living room. I remember a voice, but I didn't remember what it said. 

John 10:10 The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy but the the Lord has come to give us life and life to the full. 

Right around age thirty I had an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ that began to unravel the depths of my confusion and restore to me a Love that would heal me like no other.  I found the truth that God was Love.   

I don't blame it on biology and I am so thankful I wasn't born in this day and age, as they may have said I had no gender or for heaven sakes let me choose. 

But in 1977 they said I was a girl because on outside of my body I had all the right gentile. But internally I was missing almost all of my female organs.  

The question I didn't even hear being asked inside of my young soul was a question I couldn't put into words until four decades later. 

Am I really a girl? 

This single question along with my inability to answer it deep within myself caused self sabotage to rage throughout most of my life. 

The enemy is to blame, always. We may try to blame each other, but that is just a distraction because it is the Distracter Himself that is behind the destruction of the One's God Loves Most. Humanity.

There are destructive lies that we all believe about ourselves and each other, there is an Inner Critic who wants to take us out, but there is also an all powerful Redeemer who wants to pick us up and put us on a rock that will not be shaken and His name is Jesus Christ. 

There is no other way and there is no other door to the Kingdom of God which is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. That except Jesus.

Come join the adventure with a Trusted Guide, The Holy Sprit of God, to find the freedom that our King Jesus died to give us.

After spending most of my life either deathly scared of men, hating them or fighting the hidden lie that I was one. God asked me to forgive the entire male gender so that I could be healed. 

It's time that we stop fighting against each other and become One.

The enemy has separated us and confused us long enough, Jesus will win His people back. Because the future is not male or female it is Male and Female together. 

Much Love and Honor to you all!

Lindsay Morgan Snyder 

A non feminist champion of women and proud advocate of men. 


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