Have you ever wanted to write a book? But didn’t know where to start!

A Creative Discovery Session will take your book idea from concept to table of contents in one day.

The Story Discovery Process

We’ve all lived a story. Whether you think your’s is thrilling or lame, without a doubt you have a story to tell.  In life you have learned some lessons; good, bad and sometimes ugly and I wonder if you’ve ever thought about the impact and influence your story could make on others? Writing a book can feel overwhelming, I know, and you have to face questions like do people really want to read my story? But the truth is, if your story is positioned correctly, the answer is yes! During the Story Discovery Process you will be taken on a journey through the decades of your life while we listen for powerful nuggets, bouts of wisdom and overcoming moments that are sure to inspire and empower others. And the best part is we do it with the Holy Spirit right by our side.

Identifying Themes and Threads

As you tell your story we will be looking for themes and threads throughout your life that will act as the cornerstones of your book. This process will help us discover the “through line” of your story, which will likely reveal where you carry the most authority, how your life can influence others, and will ultimately end up being the subject of your book.  Some of your personal stories may also be used as content, though you will have full creative power!

Book Mapping 

This is where we will ideate chapter titles, create table of contents, and organize content flow. We will come up with a strategy for your book regarding size, word count and possible publishing paths. At the end of this session you will not only have a theme for each chapter, but you will have the proper order to begin writing. 

This is a house call situation, Expect me to show up at your front door with your favorite coffee drink in hand ready for a full day of fun (usually around 6 hours). Don’t worry, we will have a lunch break to let our brains rest and our bellies be filled by the fine folks at Uber Eats,. Total cost is: 2,997

Questions or to book a session email: LMorganSnyder31@gmail.com



“Lindsay’s book mapping process helped us put our ideas of a book into a flow where it went from disconnected stories to an actual table of contents for the book. It was so exciting and really really fun! I had never been through anything like that before. I highly recommend Lindsay for your next book project or creative endeavor." - Andrea Thompson, Redding CA

“Lindsay is a delight to work with! She is an amazing listener and has an incredibly gentle yet encouraging spirit. I always look forward to a writing session with Lindsay and walk away feeling excited and content at the end. Her experiences inform her writing with soulful reflection. She is obviously talented and I highly recommend her for your project. ” — Author, BEVERLY HILLS, CA